Sunday, June 07, 2009


I am one of those rare adults who actually adores celebrating and being remembered on my birthday. And no matter what decade I am working my way through, this desire to accept, relish and remember the day I was born simply grows stronger.

Today I turned thirty-two. I think that I am just about the luckiest person on earth and believe that I am truly living the life that I envisioned for myself. This reality just about takes my breath away every day and I am humbled and grateful for all that I have been given.

I am truly content.

It seems that with each passing year I grow more comfortable in my own skin, feel more able to accept just who it was that I was created to be and feel the increased freedom and courage needed to let go of those ideals in life which hold no eternal significance or true purpose for me and instead aim to live out each day with deliberation and truth.

Today was an ideal day- an impromptu trip to the ocean for a day spent in warm sand, salty water and revitalizing ocean air with my favorite four people. We literally brought a ball to play with and the rest of the day was spent enjoying the elements and all of the gorgeous natural surroundings that the beach has to offer.

Could life get any better than this?

Needless to say, it was just about the most perfect way to spend celebrating the beginning of my thirty-second year on this earth.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jill Houle! I was so blessed to read your blog today. Your contentment, peace and joy are truly evident in the way you express yourself! The pictures of you, Mike and the kids are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing... Raenal Souza

Jackie said...

sounds like a perfect day! so glad you had good weather to enjoy your beach birthday.

Lori said...

happy birthday! :^)

renee @ FIMBY said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds wonderful. Being comfy in your own skin is the best feeling of all.

lovingmom said...

Jill! Happy Birthday! I sent you a text because I was out allllllll day without the girls and with my hubby and some family, but now I am thinking you did not get it because you are not a likely texter:) Know that we were thinking of you, and the pictures are just amazing! We miss you beyond belief!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day !!!!!!! I love the pics of you guys at the beach. What unbridled joy ! Life simply does not get any better that that, does it ?


Chuck said...

Happy belated Birthday. It seems like just yesterday I was dating Rebecca and we were all going to the beach for the day as teens - now we all have the enjoyment of taking our children and experiencing the ocean in a whole new way. Here is to another wonderful 32 years! Happy Birthday.