Tuesday, March 17, 2009

maple sugaring

We had the chance to spend an afternoon spent maple sugaring with some friends and fellow homeschoolers last Friday. If there is one thing that is loved by all in this house, it is maple syrup. I really think that one of my children's love languages is actually maple syrup. The more a parent loves you, the more syrup they will pour on top of your pancakes in the morning. This is just a theory.

Here you see Nicolas being yoked by our guide...

... and later hung with two buckets that would be used for collecting and carrying sap to the sugarhouse.
While the older children enjoyed the sugarhouse, Elias found his way outside to the barn. Needless to say, Elias and I spent much of our afternoon examining sheep. We can now say that Elias has counted sheep... literally.

I loved the use of the antlers used inside the sugarhouse. Perhaps the next time I am in need of a coat rack or pegs for hanging things in my house, I will simply hang some antlers.

This scene was awe-inspiring, as it exactly resembled one of the pages in the book we had just read that morning in preparation for our maple sugaring outing.

Sophia was asked to hang the pail and to place the hats on top of them. Again, just like in the book!

Nicolas was asked to place the spout into the tree so that the sap could drain. He tried to push it in at first, but just couldn't get it to stay. He was thrilled beyond belief when he was given a hammer to pound the spout in. Hammering is a hobby for this child, so this brought him nothing but joy and pride to show off his hammering skills!

My children can now tell all about the three grades of maple syrup and everything you ever watned to know about sugar maple trees, sap and sugarhouses.

Indeed an afternoon to remember.


Kristen Taylor said...

that looks like they had so much fun! :o) maple syrup is big in this house too!

Erin said...

What a fun afternoon. :) The sheep are so cute!!

Chuck said...

We are excited about the whole maple syrup prospect and I even found places online that sell used equipment - I guess a lot of places use their taps one season and then sell them off - I can't wait to pick out the maple trees throughout the property this year with the kids and tag them so we will know how many taps we need! I can't wait to try homemade syrup on a fresh Easter Ham!