Monday, December 22, 2008

preparations: part II

I had really high hopes this year to have a handmade Christmas, or at least a partially handmade Christmas in regards to the gifts that were being given. The reality of it is that there just wasn't time or energy this year to sit down and diligently sew and create each evening after the children were tucked into their beds.

So instead I entered the wonderful world of cyberspace for some inspiration. And this is what I found...

I had been dreaming about this line of costumes every since I first saw them sparkling and shining in all their vintage glory. I was inspired by the lion cape and decided to make each child a cape for the make-believe and role playing that they spent nearly all their waking time participating in. The boys are always asking me, "Mom, can you tie this blanket round me like a cape?", so now they can just tie one on themselves.

Again, once laying eyes on these amazing, felted wool slippers, I just knew how much use the three little pairs of feet in our house would get out of them. If only they made them in adult sizes.

I couldn't let these little crayon rocks pass me by and so I am stuffing them into Elias' stocking. Perfect for little toddler hands to squeeze and scribble away with. Perhaps this means no more broken crayons?

But perhaps the most unique gift that is currently in hiding until Christmas morning is this authentic folding military shovel from Vision Forum. Yes, this was actually requested in words and drawings by, you guessed it, Nicolas. At least now he will have his own tool to work with as he continues digging his way to China in our backyard.

All in all, I am happy with what we chose to put under our tree this year. But most of all, I am thrilled to know that my family is keeping it simple and focusing on the true meaning of this holiday season.

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