Monday, October 20, 2008

picture study: Primavera

Our latest artist study...

Primavera, Sandro Botticelli, circa 1482

This painting was studied last week by the older pair and once again, their attention to detail was very inspiring. Here are just a few of their observations...

there are trees with fruit

one side is dark, with a "witch" trying to grab a lady from the others by pulling her in

there is a naked baby trying to shoot the people

*there is a man standing off to the side who looks bored there standing with all of the girls, so he is picking fruit

there are lots of ladies who are naked

* This one is my favorite description. How many times has a man felt like this in the presence of such a large group of women? Proof that art speaks to the human condition and spans the ages!

The discussion later opened into talk of cupid, love, match-making, Spring, evil and body parts. Certainly a worthwhile conversation!

{Go on and read the description of the painting for yourself by following the link form the title above. Very intersting!}

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lovingmom said...

My favorite painting!!!!!! It is a wonderful work of art and the detail is AMAZING! It takes up a huge wall all by itself. Just beautiful and inspiring and so "Spring". Keep up the art truly is life captured in moments. Miss you all!