Monday, September 08, 2008

wardrobe name dropping

So I think I wrote a similar post to this last year at about this time of year. It has to do with buying clothing for my children. Now, I don't really think of myself as a bargain shopper. In fact I really believe in paying a fair price for a good product that is made well, with responsibility, that was built to last and that will add beauty and usefulness to the life of my family and our home. But there is just something about shopping consignment that gets me every time.

And since it's that time of year again- you know the time when you must switch over,not only your own, but your children's entire wardrobes from spring/summer to fall/winter- I took a trip to one of our local children's consignment stores to see what I could find to fill their closets with.

I truly believe that there should be a national holiday, complete with complimentary childcare, especially for mother's to be given time to complete such a task. The important task of clearing out all-things-summer and replacing things like tank tops and madras shorts with items like long sleeved t-shirts and corduroy pants is something that must be done without one's children present. This is vital. Otherwise, you may be convinced by a seven-year old with a certain sentimentality for a pair of terry cloth shorts that she really will be needing those shorts in mid-January.

And then there is the whole size issue. After wearing a set of clothing for a four to five month period, it's only natural that clothing will be fitting snugly and be riding up on one by the end of the season. There is always the danger of your child begging to keep that one item that is about two sizes too small in their drawer because it it simply their favorite article of clothing. How can any mother refuse this. I can't. After all, it's only a shirt.

Then you are stuck with the decision to either go ahead and allow this child to actually wear the item that fit them when they were 10 lbs and 3 inches smaller out in public or to secretly try and slip the item out of their drawer when they are not looking with the hopes that they will not ask where their favorite "camouflage turtleneck" is (in Nicoals' case, this was a blue and green striped top that he, for some reason or another, believed was camoflaged and his current size).

Of course, I am all for my kids choosing their own clothing to wear on any given day. I just feel that it is my duty to choose what goes into their drawers and closets wisely.

With all of this said, I am really proud to say that after two very fruitful trips to the consignment store, I believe that all three children are ready to face the cool, breezy days of October and even the chilly, damp days of February with the adorable and affordable items that I brought home with me over the last week.

And like I mentioned in my post from last year, I do hate to (brand) name drop, but some of these finds (and prices) are just to terrific and rewarding not to mention.

one pair or hanna Andersson leggings
one egg+ avacado long-sleeved onesie
one mini Boden layered t-shirt
one Janie and Jack long sleeved t-shirt
one pair of babystyle jersey pants
one kate quinn organics cotton cardigan

... and many other lovely clothes that will keep my three warm and cozy during playing, learning,
sharing, reading, jumping, dancing and meal time this fall and winter!

{This is all just too uncanny! Just as I went to link over to last year's post, Name Dropping On a Budget, I checked the date and it was written on the same exact date as I am writing this post on consignment shopping! Am I a creature of habit or not? I suppose that seasonal shopping is pre-programmed into my maternal DNA!!!!}


Anonymous said...

Point me in the direction of that store!! What finds!! It is truly worth all the sorting and digging, isn't it?

J-momma said...

i am all about the consignment stores too! and i get really nice brand stuff; Gap, Nike, carter's, children's place, etc. the best way to do it i've found is to shop at the end of the season for the next season (easy to do with young kids when you know their size). but the consignment store near you does a sale at the end of every season - 10 for $10, so you are pretty much getting name brand clothing for $1 each. that's how i've been shopping for mateo and it works great. i already have his whole wardrobe for fall that i got last year for $25! can't beat that!

Anonymous said...

I went today to the consignment store after your great finds. I am happy to say I was able to get 8 clothing items for $25, all brand names. If you sign up for their club you will get coupons too!

Daniele said...

I do love children's consignment stores. What great finds...great work!

lovingmom said...

Don't you just have an eye for beauty...
I am still in search of a good store around here, and fall clothes are needed for Gracie! Luckily Stella can use what we get for her...
But truly, it is so vital to do the shopping/sorting/cleasing without the children! This is an upcoming project for me soon...

Anonymous said...

Please, please let me knoe the name of this store. I love to bargain shop myself, but I love it even more if I can find quality items at a good price.
Besides, my kids are growing like weeds ! lol