Monday, June 16, 2008

hello again

This blog has become one of my "outlets" in life. Whether I would call it a creative outlet, well that would be a matter of opinion. In posting my thoughts and mediocre photos about my life and that of my family, I suppose I am not really being creative or making/expressing something that didn't previously exist (except often sense of my daily life). But I am expressing something. Something that I have learned. Something that has made me laugh. Something that has helped me to feel more inspired in my kitchen. Something that I love doing. Something that I wish I could be doing. And often times, just something that I'm thinking about after I've tucked my children snugly into their beds for the night.

So, let me just say thank you to all of you (my loving and often silent readers and friends) for encouraging me to not entirely abandon my blog. Many of you had such kind words and affirmations to share with me about this blog that I came to my senses and realized that I could never entirely walk away from this portion of my life.

It has been a refreshing and yet, full, eight weeks. Since I've last posted many amazing experiences have been had. Things like...
attending the birth of my newest niece, Adeline
turning 31 years old
traveling to a few different states looking for work for our family
various sewing projects, including summer blankets and aprons
completing a successful and memorable year of preschool and first grade, and
really, really learning to find contentment in the midst of chaos and uncertainty
The break has been good. I feel fully recharged and ready to share my energy, thoughts, passions and convictions with you all once again.

If you'll have me back...


Jessica Torrant said...

Good to have you back, Jill. :) Happy birthday!

Amanda L. said...

Hooray for the long awaited return! Missed seeing you at soccer tonight...we'll talk soon.

Donna said...

yeh!! Jumping up and you see the confetti? Welcome back..From one of your not so silent cyber friends!
xo Donna

Daniele said...

welcome back!

Charles & Rebecca said...

Welcome back, We are all glad you changed your mind!

Kristen Taylor said...

blogging is creative.

and i'm glad that you started this up again! looking forward to pictures with you guys tonight!! :)

Jackie said...

hey there! you're back! Yay! i'm glad i decided to click on your link today...even more glad that you "have come to your senses". :)