Monday, April 28, 2008


For a while now I've been pondering a question...

to whom am I writing when I post to my blog?

It seems that mostly local friends and family are reading this blog and that is wonderful. But since I either talk to or visit with you all on a (some-what!) regular basis, it just seems redundant to put the time and energy into writing about what you may already well know about from visits and phone calls.

If we were living a great distance from the majority of friends and family, keeping a blog would be practical. But that is not the case for me.

And so, after a little over a year writing on Homegrown Life, I think I will call it quits.

I have so enjoyed keeping this blog as a creative outlet and a way to put into words some of the amazing and tender experiences our family has shared together.

But mostly I feel like the writing mainly benefited me, the mother of this amazing family. Perhaps a year ago, I needed an outlet for all of the thoughts running around my head; a place to speak and believe I was being heard.

My needs have changed and I feel like I have accomplished what I set out to do.

So I will leave this little bog behind and set out to focus my energy, attention and creativity on the hundreds of other little things in my life that could really use it!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I will miss you! I completely understand, but remember also the moments of encouragement offered and wonderful suggestions given that spark the lives of many unknowingly. Thank you for all you have shared. Your writings have changed more lives than you will ever know . . .
Mary Beth

Anonymous said...

I am priviledged to be one of the persons you speak with regularly, but I will miss your creative and inspirational writings. You are a inspiring writer.
J. L. Seagull'

Jessica Torrant said...

Noooo!!! Oh, but I do understand. Still, I think you should leave it up in case you get the urge to do a little writing or maybe post a picture of a project you are working on. Would you consider a "time out" just for a bit? Your writing is so wonderful and it's always such a joy to see what you've been up to. Even if we do get to catch up otherwise. :( Does my pouty face change your mind? Maybe a little? No?


HomeGrown Life said...

Jessica- the pouty face is wearing on me a bit!
I feel like a blog is supposed to be interactive and for me, it often seems like I am speaking to myself. Yes, this is probably due to a lack of comments being left in response to what I'm sharing.
We all love hearing from our "audience" and anyone can tire if we feel like we aren't being heard.

Thank you for the encouragement!

Jackie said...

awww man! i have loved reading your blog even though we talk regularly and often about what you blog but i think it is more often that i read your blog and hear something new or at least details that were missed in our oft-interrupted conversations. i suppose i have been very remiss in commenting on your posts and for that i am sorry especially b/c i know how much i love comments. i have no real excuse. if i promise to comment on every post, will you keep writing? i do understand wanting to put your time into other things i won't bug you too much about it (but you definitely are not just speaking to yourself!).

Amanda L. said...


Jill, even though we talk regularly, I enjoy reading your words immensely. It's calming and reassuring to me, just like your voice! I always am interested in the thinks you are reading, sewing and teaching your kids. Sometimes we don't get to catch up on all those things with 6 kids running around between us.

I hope you will at least keep it and post if you feel inclined because we do read and love what we read from you!

HomeGrown Life said...

Gosh, this was harder than I thought. This is not the end of blogging for me, but just for now. I really enjoyed keeping the blog and think I will tweak it and "upgrade" a bit before I begin another blog.

I just wanted to be sure that all of my time and energy are being spent wisely. If I know that I am really encouraging and bringing a little bit of happiness to someone, than that means a lot. Enough to make me look to the future for a new and "improved" HomeGrownLife.

Let's just call this a BREAK for now...

Daniele said...

oh no! I'm not really a friend or family, but I've enjoyed reading this blog and have gained inspiration from your words & viewpoints. I was kind of a silent reader & then thought a few weeks ago...why not post a comment? well, if you do stop, I can understand. BUT, I would love to hear some of your favorite Charlotte Mason recommendations, as far as books for parents to read. Pretty please? :o)

Karen said...

a break? I hope it won't be too long. My google reader will be waiting for you (And so will I)

Jennifer said...

Well Jill, I will miss reading your blog, I have always enjoyed reading all the different things that you are thinking,creating and/or teaching. Jill you always have a calm,yet personalizing touch to what you have to say.

Mama Sarita said...

ah man....I totally get it. I randomly abandon my blog, leaving it hitching for a ride to somewhere in cyberspace. I hope you keep writing. I love your blogging style.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Nesting Momma said...

I understand. I haven't been blogging much these days on my personal blog but I will miss your writings! Please pop by every once in a while to say hi!
Thanks for all the resources and sharing this past year!
Blessings to you and your family!

(OK I just read your comments and I wanted to cry..silly I know but you are an inspiration!! Just think of yourself as an author of a book that you know is getting out there even if you don't always know who is you are a seed planter in so many ways and reaching more then you know!!)
Get a site meter...haha

Happy Mother's Day!!