Sunday, March 09, 2008


Happy Birthday to my dear sweet husband. When I was first getting to know you nearly ten years ago, I said that you were the kindest person I had ever met.
And after eight years of marriage and the birth of three children, I still feel the same way today.

You are an amazing father to your children. Your patience and authentic excitement about their days amazes me. They will surely remember that Dad was "always there" and loving every minute of it!

You have no agenda but to love and serve others. My needs are constantly placed above your own. This blows me away on a daily basis. I am grateful for your priorities.
You are fit and strong and are a good steward of all that you possess. Your family is well taken care of and happy.
You are my claim to fame and I am blessed to call you my husband.

Happy Birthday to the love of my life...


Jackie said...

a very nice tribute. Happy birthday, Mike!

Amanda L. said...

All true! Happy Birthday Mike! You are a great dad and husband!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. He is one in a million.
Love Mom

Charles & Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Mike, may God bless you throughout the next year.

Anonymous said...

absolutely true. i think youve covered it exactly.
not only is he a great husband and father but he is also the best uncle anyone could ever ask for.
happy VERY late birthday.
sorry i couldnt see you guys on sunday when everyone else came up.
love kayla

Jessica Torrant said...

That was a very sweet post, Jillina. :) Happy belated birthday Mike. I'm so glad you came into my friend's life and I too think you are one gem of a guy, not just for Jill and the kids, but to all that know you. Keep on smiling that beautiful smile my brotha!