Monday, March 17, 2008

bold moves

Short of making the decision to educate my children at home, this was perhaps one of the bravest and boldest decisions I've made as a mother to date.

Yes, these are those gorgeous (in full bloom!) blue hyacinths that I brought indoors in an attempt to "tempt Spring". Doesn't look too daring, right? Okay, take a step back...

Yes, these flowers have been potted and are resting nicely and peacefully on an old mosaic tiled plant stand that I purchased over a decade ago (I saw this stand and just knew that I would use in in my home someday when I was a wife and mother. Yes, I know, very domestic of a nineteen year old).

What did you say- What if the stand gets knocked over and the flowers get crushed and the soil spills onto the carpet? I agree, this is a scary thought. But still, this isn't the brave part.

Take another step back...

YES. Now you see. The flowers are sitting
on a delicate plant stand

next to this white chair!

Now I know what you're thinking- what mother does this? What mother puts a white chair out in her living room knowing full well that it will be (daily) be the receiver of muddy boot prints, chocolate-stained fingerprints and all of the toddler drool that is in such abundance in our home?

Well, let me just say that this chair's original purpose was as a nursing chair for me when Elias was born. My mother purchased it for me and it served me nicely for over 18 months where it sat in the corner of my bedroom. It had begun to collect dust and just made more sense to move the chair into our living room where it would get more use (this, you see, is a big, fat, huge understatement).

{Humor me here. Of course I have done braver things...}

What sorts of "bold moves" have you made lately?


Amanda L. said...

Wow. Very bold. This would be impossible in my house. I mean really, I have a 14 month old monkey living with me.

My bold move? Tonight I made corned beef with cabbage {for St. Patrick's Day} for the first time!

Very bold. I know.

Nesting Momma said...

wow you are brave...I might try it we are wild..hehe
what a pretty house you have!!

my bold move....hmmm selling our house in a market that stinks and moving to a rental house....and
this is very bold...watching Dancing With The Stars and dancing with my 5 yr old...the secrets's the only show I watch and I'm addicted.
I think this is

Jackie said...

how pretty. i love hyacinths. this is a very brave move and i hope that the children will be moved to look on in appreciation and not ruin the effect by toppling it over with curious hands...

me, i've got no bold moves.

Anonymous said...

How many days have you had those lovely flowers on their pedastal? I'll check your blog in a few days to see if there are any updates on the condition of your chair. Hopefully, I won't be the one to "bump" them. We'll see how well the fabric holds up after being soiled. All-in-fun - Your Mom