Sunday, January 27, 2008

comfort food

Well the Houle Family is once again "under the weather". All we could do was just stay home and really relax today. Sunday mornings in our home are typically anything BUT relaxing. Usually Mike or myself have an early-morning commitment at church and this means that the children come along.Staying home with no agenda feels so great, even though everyone is not at their best. Reading. Snuggling. Folding laundry (I had no choice in the matter). Followed by more reading and snuggling. It wasn't until after I napped on the sofa with my my two eldest that I felt any motivation whatsoever.

It was at this point, at about noon, that I decided that I would start cooking.
Well what else could I make for a couple of sickies but chicken soup. Delicious and loved by all in our house. This is one of those made-up recipes where I just add what I feel like. I like to shred by chicken instead of dice it for an earthier feel/look. Yum.

I was in the comfort-food mindset, so I tried to think of something really comfort food-ish to make as a dessert. Alas my inspiration was found when I spotted this delicious recipe for rice pudding. This recipe is a keeper. We made half with raisins and half without. So rich and custard-y. Everyone LOVED this dish. And everyone was much more pleasant after their bellies were full.

Sometimes I think that my family's love language is FOOD. I am okay with this. Food is my second language...

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Amanda said...

Chicken soup is always a go-to in our house when we are sick! Yours looks delicious! My mouth is watering. Hope you all feel better very soon! I miss you!