Monday, January 14, 2008

culinary adventures

Here it is, Monday afternoon, and I'm still dreaming about our French dinner from Saturday night. Our friends, John and Heather, treated us (once again!) to our annual "gourmet dinner night out".

This year our tradition took us to an amazing restaurant right here in our town- Cavey's. We dined downstairs at the French portion of their establishment (the upstairs serves Italian food).

We knew we were in for an adventure, but I don't think we ever imagined that we would be tasting some of the most interesting and authentic cuisine we had yet to taste.

After starting with some amazing French wine (Bordeaux). We were started with a "teaser"- venison pate, seared rare tuna and a seafood mousse of sorts. Tasty, very tasty.

I was a little nervous for Mike at this point- a recovering "meat and potatoes" kind of guy- if we were being "teased" with these tidbits before our meal, what types of dishes would actually being served for the main course?

My fears were put to rest we experienced "confit" for the first time- our appetizer- duck confit. Delicious. So delicious that we have been trying to figure out how we might prepare it ourselves (short of traveling to Paris and studying French cuisine!).

I was really proud of my husband for being open to ordering foie gras (goose liver) stuffed beef. It was a defining moment in our relationship (I consider myself to be "adventurous" in the realm of trying new foods. He equates this same adjective


Anonymous said...

Bon jour. Comment vous tu?
Je temp, Jonathan L. Sea'gull

Charles & Rebecca said...

I like French bread, French dressing, French fries just to name a few... It's a start!