Thursday, November 01, 2007

paper costumes

Just a few photos from our night full of treats...Sophia- the woodland fairy, Elias- a very healthy carrot, Nicolas- a knight in shining armor

Yes, those are real leaves. I didn't have time to sew anything this year, so we went for the "paper costume" look. Paper, as in wrapping paper.

Our knight's breastplate was layered with silver cupcake liners.


Dana said...

Their costumes are absolutely adorable! Something is wrong with my computer's external drive thingy (highly technical, I know) so I can't upload pictures at the moment. But my little baby is a lady bug...and I have a tiger, a fire fighter and an artist.

Amanda said...

Love Love Love. So creative. Well done. My kids adored.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. As usual, they look happy and healthy. Hope they enjoyed the goodie bags I brought over the night before. Sorry I didn't make it over on the 31st, but you know I thought about them all night. Stopped at cousin Olivia's after work to see her in her Lady Bug costume. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

You might be one of the most creative women I know...maybe seeing you daily will help some of that rub off on me!!!
Love the costumes, love the insights to all of your trips. Wish I could join in you in your adventures instead of where I go each day:) But then again, I should consider this a blessing from the Lord. It provides. What you are doing with your little ones, truly makes a difference. Keep at it.