Friday, September 07, 2007

Fit for a Queen... I Mean King

Those of you that know me know that I offer my kids glass and ceramic cups to drink from versus the "safer" and more "kid-marketed" plastic cups, be they sippy or otherwise.

For a while know, I have been trying to find a small, glass cup to offer to Elias during meal and snack time so that he can begin to gain control and confidence in taking his own drinks from an open cup. Tonight he was drinking his milk from this (one of my favorite) small china teacup. The pattern is a gorgeous blue with twirling vines and a golden rim. He seemed to feel so proud using it and certainly fell right into the etiquette and properness that one must assume when taking beverage from a teacup (notice the expression, daintily placed fingers and support offered from the opposite hand!).

Until I can put in the order I have planned for small "first glasses" and other tableware/personal care items from one of my favorite children's catalogs/sites- Montessori Services, I will offer this teacup to him. Who says that tea parties are just for girls...


Nesting Momma said...

oh I love it!My mom offers the girls tea cups when at her house and they actually do much better because they are so focused. Cute!

Amanda said...

he looks dahling!