Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Very Six-Year Old Week- Lollipop Cupcakes, Parties and Origami

This was a very "six-year old" week in our house. Sophia turned 6 years old on Thursday and we've spent the week celebrating in many different ways. We threw her a birthday party with TEN girls. It was a craft-themed party and we made "Penny Butterflies", "Windows to Fairyland" and colored lots of pictures. The girls had a blast!
I tried my hand at these yummy Lollipop Cupcakes inspired by Martha Stewart Kids. They were very easy and the provided lots of different ways for a child to obtain a sugar high... cake, frosting, sugar sprinkles, taffy and lollipops. Mmmmmm!
This is Sophia waiting patiently (yeah, right) for her guests to arrive. She couldn't even hold still long enough for me to snap a reasonable picture. Oh well. This photo shows off the "swingy-ness" of her summer top.
One of our gifts to Sophia was an Origami kit. She absolutely LOVED this "Origami and Kirigami" Set made by ALEX. She even shared it with her brother. These are the "bumble bees" they made using the origami paper and embellishments. They were quite proud of their work and were more than willing to show it off for the camera.
One of great things about a Charlotte Mason education is that "Handicrafts" is considered to be a worthwhile subject to learn. Origami definitely qualifies as a handicraft. Talk about using your hands, fingers and mind to fold, crease and shape this colorful papers. A time of deep concentration!

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Anonymous said...

These pictures are precious, I can't believe Sophia is six!!

xo, Chrissy