Monday, July 02, 2007

A Yummy Dish

I posted this recipe when I first started this blog and decided that it was SO YUMMY AND FLAVORFUL that I just had to post it again. Hopefully you enjoy this dish as much as we have!


Anonymous said...

that sounds both quick and delicious, thanks for posting it. hope that you have a great day!

xo, chrissy

Amanda said...

note to self-make this when we come back home. we will miss you terribly!

Iliana said...

hi! i just found your blog doing a link from a link from a link, i'm sure you know how that is. this curry recipe looks great, and i wanted to add my two cents, that if you want to add an interesting burst of flavor and texture you can throw in halved green grapes and golden raisins; the raisins plump up while the curry is cooking and the sweet, fruity flavors blend deliciously with the savory curry. i also like to crush some cashews and sprinkle those over the top. thanks for posting this recipe; i am always looking for a quicker than quick curry to try. your blog is very sweet. :)