Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Blooming Marvelous Day


If you're every in need of a natural pick-me-up, just surround yourself with thousands of roses!
We had a chance to attend one of the many "Connecticut Rose and Garden Weekend" events this afternoon and let me tell you, it was overwhelmingly magnificent!
Sadly, it was our first attendance of Hartford's Elizabeth Park Rose Garden event. We had been to the park before, but never for the official blooming weekend. It turns out that the rose garden is over 100 years old and is the third largest in the U.S.
It was an experience for all of us to walk underneath, besides and between literally thousands of delicate roses. The colors were vivid and unique. Certainly no artificial touch-ups here. Only the authentic touch and design of a perfect Creator.
Nature has its way of capturing and captivating the minds, bodies and spirits of children. And today, the park did just that. In addition to experiencing (with just about ALL of their five senses!) the roses, the children also crossed a pond, saw ducks swimming, discovered a feather, planted a marigold, crafted a branch into a "walking stick" (my Nicolas is turning out to be the ultimate mountain man), breathed in the freshness of the June air and had the chance to be a part of something really special.
Just see the photos below!


Mama Sarita said...

Oh my goodness! Isn't it SO GREAT?! We had a picnic dinner there monday night and the lovely evening, good food, and intoxicatingly wonderful scent of roses was just....blissful.

This was my first time at Elizabeth Park when the roses were at their peak. I will never miss it again as long as I am local. It is just so great!

Anonymous said...

These pictures bring back memories of eating a picnic lunch on a blanket with a young gentleman with long auburn hair. I'm pretty sure we road a motorcycle there. I remember very aggressive swans while we were sitting by the pond. Love Mom