Thursday, May 03, 2007

VANITY (is not) FAIR (skinned)

I admit, my vanity got the better of me yesterday. I have been thinking about it for a month now and talking about it (with my sister) for about a week. And now, it's official. I have been SPRAYED TAN.
Well, I know! But before you judge (or laugh out loud) let me explain myself.
  • I have been indoors for over 6 months now and my skin has turned to a pasty yellow of sorts (that's what happens to olive-skinned folk during the winter months. Yes, yellow.)
  • I have an issue with moles (or as my Mom used to call them, "beauty marks- it sounds nicer than "moles") and can no longer risk sunning myself like I used to during my high school and college days (I had a dermatologist look at me recently during a skin check and reply, "Yep, you've got a lot of moles". I should have saved myself the co-pay!!!)
  • I am attending a wedding on Saturday during which I will be bearing a bit of chest and arms (don't worry, I said a "bit") and everyone there will be extremely tan (well, at least the bride and groom) and I didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb.
  • And by gosh darn-it, I'm worth it (or that's what I'm told by the media at least)!!!!!
Two main funny parts of this story: First, my kids watched the "informational video" with me online as to how to prepare, receive and exit the spray tan session ("Mommy, why is she wearing a shower cap? And what are those things in her nose?" "Oh, honey, that's so the DHA from the tanning lotion doesn't stain her hair and clog her lungs"). Second, all I could think of while I was in that booth was the "Friends" episode when Ross accidentally got sprayed on the same side TWICE by the spray tan machine! Thankfully, I'm done on both sides.
So, for anyone out there who is looking for a healthy way to glow/tan without the stress of doing it yourself/missing spots/streaking, look no further... just go get sprayed!

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