Sunday, April 22, 2007


Okay, three beautiful days in a row. It is certainly a record of some sort, considering the gloomy weather that we're coming off of.
Friday was a park day and a yard day. Saturday was a park day and a yard day. And today, although we did not visit the park, we spent a great deal of time in the yard. The kids have been riding their bikes like crazy. In fact, we ventured into a "pivotal moment" as parents just today. We removed the training wheels from Sophia's bicycle. Of course, this moment was more about her than us, but nevertheless, I am feeling it in my back (running alongside my darling daughter, hunched over with one hand on the seat and the other on the handlebars). She is so me. In fact, Mike was calling her "little Jill" today as she nervously demanded that I keep my hands on her bike and not let go (I honestly think she must have said it 30 or 40 times... poor little thing). We concluded that we need to get her to a field in order to really let her "open it up" and ride independently. It's officially on the "to do" list for the week.
But back to the weather. The sun and fresh air have made their appearance so suddenly that we're almost NOT used to such beautiful conditions. The kids have adjusted. They are in spring/summer mode. They even have the first signs of a suntan (despite putting SPF 30 on them while at the park... try explaining to your pediatrician why your kids are brown in June. They're probably thinking, "Yeah right, she's really putting sunblock on her kids and they look like they just got back from 'Hollywood Tans'!". I'm probably on some sort of neglectful parent list at the office! That coupled with the fact that I never knew the answer to "How many blocks can "baby girl/baby boy" stack on top of one another?" A very lame question that our old pediatrician used to ask me at EVERY visit. I was always like, "I'm not gonna' lie... I have NO idea."). Mike and I on the other hand... well, we are still in transition mode. Let's just say that all of this "fresh air" has near-sedated us. We have been going to bed at about 9pm for the last two nights. And the only reason that we haven't turned in yet tonight is that I was determined NOT to turn get in bed and see numbers "9:23" on my clock (we REALLY need this down-time after the kids are tucked in! Duh, like any one of your parents reading this DON'T already know that!). We have been so worn out at the end of the day that we've actually wondered if the kids slipped something into our drinks at dinner (well, we haven't really considered that possibility, but it does feel a little bit like a "Benadryl high" or should I say "low").
All I can say is that I hope we adjust to this Spring weather soon...

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