Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Boston Marathoner

Well, he's off! I guess when it comes to running my dear husband is like the Postal Service... be it rain or shine, sleet or snow he will RUN! Ever since we have read the weather "warnings" on the rain/sleet/snow/cold/puddles/headwinds for those running the Boston Marathon tomorrow there have been mixed emotions in our home. Mike, on one hand, has been optimistic. Why what's a little rain? He actually stated that he preferred a little drizzle for the cooling effects. He pleaded his case that wet feet didn't bother him. And the headwinds (that were predicted to be blowing at about 50 miles/hour at one point last week) were a mere detterent to his pace; why he would just be slowed down a bit. (This man's attitude towards life in general continues to be a positive force in my life for almost 9 years now.)
ME on the other hand... well let's just say my "nervous side" has come out of hiding!
You would think that a) I was running the marathon and would be directly affected by the bad conditions, b) had been subjected to hearing Mike complain about the bad conditions, or c) that Mike was the pawn in a hostage situation and he had NO CHOICE but to run the 26.2 miles to save his life.
Those of you that know me well know that I have a flare for the dramatic. And for some reason, during the times that Mike runs these marathons my EMOTIONS RUN HIGH!!!!
Here is a photo of him with Sophia and Nicolas just as he was walking out the door. See... does he look nervous/upset/scared/threatened/pessimistic to you?
Needless to say, I am extremely proud of Mike and cannot wait for the race to begin. I will be tracking him using the link I posted on the homepage of this blog. I will also be getting text messages on my cell phone each time he passes a certain point (every 5 miles or so).
Mike has trained so well and so smartly for this race. I am so proud of him and am thrilled that he has the chance to be a part of history!


Jackie said...

Good luck Mike! Can't wait to hear how he does...

Anonymous said...

Just talked to my sister in Boston and she said it was not as bad today as predicted. Hoping that same weather holds out for Mike and the other marathoners. Wow....I'm impressed already!! GO MIKE!!
XO, Chrissy

Anonymous said...

Good morning! I've been meaning to leave you a little message for days now. Don't worry about Mike he'll be fine, like you said he chose to run the marathon and has trained quite a bit for this one. In response to your Death By Chocolate blog, I can't wait for the day until I can bribe Olivia, I can only hope she'll love candy and be willing to do anything for it (like stop crying in the car!!!) Have a great day! Bethany

Anonymous said...

I am rooting for Mike all the way. Wow ! I am impressed by his committment and training. He's already a winner in my book !
Love you guys !