Friday, April 27, 2007

Generational Bonding

Tonight we attended a most prestigious event. It was the place to be. Only the elite received an invite. It was "THE' party. It was the "Ice Cream Social" at Nicolas' preschool. We decided to make it a night and invite my parents and Nana along with us to visit Nicolas' preschool and see where he spends two half-days a week.
Nicolas was indeed proud to be bringing his family to his "stomping ground". It struck me that WE were the outsiders at this place and that HE was a member of the club. He knew the side door to enter through when the main door was locked. He knew where the dress-up clothes were when his big sis asked where she could adorn herself. And best of all, he knew where to hang his hat (or his jacket in this case)- on a hook with HIS name posted above it! Wow, my three-year old has a place where he belongs BESIDES at HOME.
It was so precious to see "Grampie " and "Nannie" interacting with the kids, especially the boys in this rich and fun environment. Puzzles, reading sofas and polliwogs are what captured the attention of Elias and Nicolas tonight. Sophia ran into a friend... an "older" friend (a first grader with a sparkly purse, what girl can resist idolizing an older girl with a glitzy bag??) so she was kind of scarce tonight, but politely scarce. I captured a few precious photos of the boys with their Nannie and Grampie. My favorite is the photo at the top of this post, the one where Gramps is trying to keep Elias from reaching
out to the tank of polliwogs... who knows what kind of atrocity would have followed had his little arm reached that tank???

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