Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Well, it's the official First Day of Spring and other than the sunshine it surely doesn't feel like that the start of a new season. The snow covering the ground and the dry, brown tree branches are putting a damper on the Spring Fever that I got a few weeks ago. I feel the need to be ready for the first warm day in many ways. Mainly by having spring/summer clothes ready to wear so that we can get outside and enjoy the weather. The kids are all set... their closets are filled with spring/summer clothes that I have bought over the last few weeks. It's me I'm worried about. My closet could quite possibly be chosen as what not to wear or for one of those makeover shows. I have odds and ends from the last seven years just hanging there sadly. Some maternity clothes, some too small and some too baggy. They (who are "they" anyways?) say that if you haven't worn a piece of clothing in a year, then you probably won't wear it again- so get rid of it (donate it!). I hate to think of what I'd come out wearing if that 80' day did hit us tomorrow. It would probably look something like this... a pair of old maternity capris cinched at the waist with a belt or scarf and a way-too-tight tank top (I wouldn't actually come out wearing it, but it would be my option). As for the shoes, I have recently added two new pairs of spring shoes to my collection. They are about the only thing that I own right now that would be considered "trendy". I know that all you mommies out there might be able to relate to what I'm saying.
Mike may also need to do a bit of shopping for new clothes. He has recently lost 20 lbs. in an effort to run his upcoming marathon lighter (and therefore, faster). I have to say that I haven't seen him this lean since the beginning of our marriage! He looks great and I'm so proud of the hard work he's putting into training.
Mothers...let me know what your plan is for you "spring wardrobe". Will you buy, borrow or spruce up what you have?


Jessica Torrant said...

I loved reading this, Jill! Hahha you are SO not alone! It has been years since I've bought any new clothes, just the occassional new dress for a wedding, which of course, doesn't end up in regular use. I still have a champion sweatshirt from 7th grade. So let's see... that makes it... SEVENTEEN years old!!

Give a congrats to Mike for me for getting in shape - I am always so impressed with people that take on marathons. I've never dared it with my asthma, but maybe because of that, I've got a sort of awe and wonder about it.

So let's say the first spring day I'll come over in my too small tank top and shorts from sophmore year and we'll cheers an iced tea to life being so much more than an updated wardrobe!

Love you. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill! Thanks for inviting me to visit. I love what you're doing here. This entry particularly struck home with me. Fashion sure seems to be a bigger priority here than it did at home is AZ. My fashion tastes consist of whatever is comfortable and can be easily cleaned of whatever has come off of little hands and mouths (or out of little noses!).

My spring wardrobe will consist of previous years' denim capris and shorts, maybe one new pair of capris for church, and whatever blouses/tshirts I already have.

I was drawn to this entry because of how you titled it. I am committed to being untrendy. By the time I have accepted a new trend as something I like and could use, the trend is usually over and has become "so last year". But I don't care. If I'm clean, comfy and my hubby likes how I look, it's enough for me.

Sharon B.