Monday, March 19, 2007

Our Introduction

Hello everyone out there! We have joined the ranks of blogging families across the world and hope that these "weBLOGs" allow you to catch a glimpse of our daily life as a family. I feel the need to state a "purpose" behind our decision to create a blog and will try to summarize these reasons. We hope to use these logs as a way to relay information, events, interests and the like to our familiy and friends who are not local so that they may "keep up" on the Houle Family. We also hope that this blog will act as a journal of sorts to record things that may otherwise not be recorded on paper/baby books/journals/letters. It will be amazing to save the entries and to look back on them someday. We hope it to also be a way to share ideas, books we're all reading, recipes that we love/have tried, our hobbies, family dynamics and relationships, homeschooling experiences, important events and mostly, the heart of our family. We hope that all who visit our blog can see our heart for our family, our love for others, a passion for living life adventurously and wholly and mostly, the God-centered life that we strive for daily.

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